Disaster Prevention Tourism in Kuroshio Town

InformationDisaster Prevention Tourism in Kuroshio Town

Kuroshio Town, which faces the Pacific Ocean, is filled with abundant nature brought about by the Kuroshio Current. From living things, like the whales, dolphins, and sea turtles that live nearby, to industry, such as bonito pole fishing and sun-dried sea salt making, our culture has been molded by the bounty from the sea. The town is also known for its nature activities, such as whale watching, surfing, sea kayaking, beach combing, fishing, and others.
However, it is predicted that a 34m high tsunami, the biggest in Japan, will hit Kuroshio Town. In our town, we are aiming for “Zero people left behind; zero victims”. Every government official is in charge of a town district, so in this way, government support is spread throughout the town. Also, the government and the private sector have unified to continually hold workshops on disaster prevention. As a result, evacuation plans have been made for every resident who lives in an area that will be flooded, and evacuation routes and tours have been constructed based on those plans. Even now, starting with evacuation drills, we are working on various disaster prevention measures.

Nowadays, large-scale disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, landslides, volcanic eruptions, floods, forest fires, and others are occurring repeatedly not only in Japan, but throughout the world. In the present day, it may be that there aren’t any completely safe places left. In this environment, it is our philosophy that we should all learn how to “think and act by ourselves” in order to “protect our lives by ourselves”.
In Kuroshio Town disaster prevention tourism, you will come to understand the two faces of nature: bounty and destruction, and learn the culture and wisdom necessary to have a good relationship with nature.
From evacuation drills to habitual equipment inspection, learn about the hopes and efforts of residents who have a constant, high awareness of disaster prevention in this town that aims for zero victims. Also, by exchanging opinions about unsolved problems for various hypothetical situations, you can learn to think flexibly, which increases your possibility of survival.
We have prepared both nature activities, where you can experience the full beauty of the sea, and meals made with local ingredients for your enjoyment. We hope that participants can learn about disaster prevention while experiencing the charm of Kuroshio Town.

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